Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hotel at GST Road

This Hotel Project is going to rise on the Grand Southern Trunk Road which is considered as Life line of Chennai.  
The Milestone project of Renaissance

The architectural design set out to achieve three goals:
  • ·       To respect the local character by creatively drawing from the past but not just superficially copying it thus creating a pastiche of the original.
  • ·       To create a contemporary and detailed design, providing the luxury and comfort of a modern hotel, diversity in the room types, a reception area and a surrounding space with a restaurant and Utility
  • ·       To achieve a definite and unique visual identity, so that the visitor knows exactly where he or she is and lives a special experience based on the overall feeling the spaces provide.

The design drew heavily from the design principles of local homes. Geometrical strictness, grace and simplicity are the three basic characteristics of the architectural approach used. The location of the structures – and all landscaping choices – was decided in order to maintain a sense of scale and harmony with the rest of the location
Traditional white walls, external cladding with wood finish battens, wide porch and objects of contemporary design, create a place of tranquillity to relax the eye and calm the senses.

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