Saturday, October 8, 2011

Houses in United Kingdom

These are the projects of my friend Nihila an Architect in United Kingdom.  We assisted her in developing concepts

Freehand sketches

The act of drawing is an important starting point for the intellectual process we call 'design'.  To be able to draw a chair or a building is a prerequisite for anyone wishing to design such things.  Drawing has two functions for the designer - it allows him or her to record and to analyze existing examples, and the sketch provides the medium with which to text the appearance of some imagined object.

Architects used the sketch as the main means of communicating a design idea to clients.  Such sketches relay the thinking behind a proposal as well as suggesting a tangible form.  Before the advent of photography most architects kept a sketchbook in which may recorded the details of buildings, which they could refer to when designing.  

All our creations originate from a piece of paper as freehand sketches.  We would like to exhibit some of them